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(No, you do not have to be an Iowa graduate!
All Hawkeye fans welcome!)

Monday, Jan. 2   10:00 am
Game Watch Location:
7770 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89139

* Giveaways every quarter!

* T-shirts and other items for sale!

RSVP's are needed so that the bar is properly staffed for best service!  RSVPing does not reserve you a table.  All seating is first come, first served. 

Arrive early to get a parking spot as well!

Black Short sleeve: $15
Car decals: $4
Koozies: $4

IOwA FoOtBaLL!!!!

Make sure that you subtract 2 hrs from the listed time!
(Times are in Central, Vegas is Pacific.)

A few weeks ago I talked to an out of state friend. While we chatted, I kept talking about the upcoming Iowa game. Marc is not a big sports fan, and had never been to an Iowa Football game. He just could not understand my passion for Iowa
Hawkeye Football. "What is the big deal about Iowa football? 
That is all I hear people talking about," he asked.
Iowa Hawkeye football is best described as a crisp fall day
with 70,000+ people chanting I .. O .. W ..A.
Hawkeye football is seeing a 9 month old at the game dressed in
black and gold and thinking "If I had only been so lucky...".
Hawkeye football is the 60 year old from Sioux City who drives
6 hours every week to park his RV in someone's yard and then
tailgates all day until the game.
Hawkeye football is wearing a black and gold shirt in Denver, CO and having somebody stick their head out of a car at a stoplight and scream "GO HAWKS!"
Hawkeye football is knowing at the tender age of 5 that the
Cyclones are vicious evil-doers to be hated, but having no idea
Hawkeye football is a guy like Dallas Clark, who walks onto the team, 3 years later is a star, leaves a year early to play in the NFL, but was SO DAMN NICE that nobody can begrudge him for it.
Hawkeye football is having one of your starting offensive
lineman graduate to go to med school!
Hawkeye football is the little black and gold flags waving off
of every car antennae caravaning up and down I-80 and I-35
every Saturday on their way to Iowa City.
Hawkeye football is the bricks of Kinnick and the grass on the
field with the smell in the air of some kind of meat barbecuing
that will soon be put on a stick and sold to a tanked undergrad
who can no longer speak as they are hoarse from screaming from the front row of the student section.
Hawkeye football is 12 weeks of getting up at 6 a.m. on
Saturday mornings, drinking bloody marys and eating a bowl of
chili on Melrose before the sun comes up.

Hawkeye football is being anywhere in Iowa City on a Saturday afternoon and hearing a dull roar come through the air and thinking... "Hmmm, we must've scored".
Hawkeye football is sitting in Kinnick with your out of state
friend and have him turn to you and scream through the roar of
the crowd, "I've never seen anything like this before ... it's
No, it's Iowa Hawkeye Football.

"When in doubt go back to your roots. Go Hawks!!!!"

- Ashton Kutcher (Facebook)

9-17-11 Iowa vs Pitt   Biggest comeback in Iowa history. 31-27 

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