What Is The Difference Between HD DVD and Blu Ray

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The “HD-DVD vs. Blu Ray” war is over, and Blu Ray came out on top.  HD-DVD’s are going to bite the dust like Beta video players did so many years ago.  THe HD-DVD was more compatible with the DVD for one.  It was originally thought that since Blu Ray didn’t have this ability, that it would fail.

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Blu Ray came out on top – image by burnworld.com

Originally, the battle came to a standoff.  Both sides got close to 50% of the market, and consumers were mostly too frightened to purchase either one for fear of it’s quick demise.

bluray hddvd charts
Both sides got close to 50% of the market – image by paulstamatio.com

Eventually, a few major players switches sides from HD DVD to Blu Ray. That caused an avalanche of support away from HD DVD.  It quickly conceded defeat to Blu RAy, and so now all remaining HD DVD products are simply relics of the past like Beta are today.

HD DVD products – image by audioholics.com

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